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• Members and Professional Coaches should endeavour to respect the rights and dignity of every human being, and to treat everyone equally.
• Professional Coaches, skaters and families are encouraged to uphold the spirit of the sport, to obey all the rules and to behave in a sportsmanlike manner.
• Communication and cooperation are to be encouraged at all times.
• Families and Professional Coaches will respect the responsibility of the DSC Executive as defined in the Club's Bylaws.
• Discussions pertaining to the operation of the Club, the coaching arrangements or any other point that could result in hard feelings or poor morale between Club participants are unacceptable. (Anyone receiving two written notices concerning inappropriate conduct from the DSC Executive will result in dismissal from the Club without refund).
• The DSC reserves the right to cancel or change schedules or events in the best interest of the Club.
• Rules administered by the DSC Executive may need to be amended from time to time as required to successfully administer the Club's operation.
• Anyone wishing to register with the DSC must be a member in good standing; meaning all fees and for bills from the previous year must be paid to both the Club and ALL Professional Coaches.
• Anyone registering with the Devon Skating Club MUST take lessons from a Devon Skating Club Professional Coach.
• All registration fees and deposits are due in full within the first 30 days of the skating session. Skating privileges will be suspended if these dates are not met.
• Absolutely no refunds will be made to anyone that registers with the DSC after the first three scheduled lessons have taken place. It will not matter if the skater(s) have missed the lessons.
• The $65.00 DSC Admin Fee (includes Skate Canada membership fee) is NON-REFUNDABLE.
• Every family registered with DSC in certain program levels is required to fundraise. Specific details are in the various program descriptions.
• Concerns of coaches and/or family members should be handled in a discreet manner, a quickly as possible with the DSC Executive. Any unresolved issues within the DSC may be directed by any concerned party to the DSC Executive.
• All disagreements between skaters, which are presenting problems, should be directed to the DSC Coach Liaison and/or President.
• Decisions pertaining to the individual skater's program and conduct shall be the responsibility of the Professional Coach, in consultation with the DSC President and family.
• All skaters in the KidSkate and CanSkate Programs MUST wear a helmet on the ice that is approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Otherwise, for your child's safety, he/she will not be allowed on the ice. ABSOLUTELY NO BIKE HELMETS ARE ALLOWED ON THE ICE! If you are unsure of whether your helmet is safe, please talk to one of our Professional Coaches.
• Skaters in the JumpStart program are to wear a helmet (as outlined above) unless otherwise determined by the Coach.
• Those skaters in the Junior or STARSkate Program who choose to wear a helmet on the ice, the above rule applies.
• Unacceptable conduct during a class may, at the Professional Coach's discretion, result in the skater(s) being sent off the ice.
• Skaters must have permission from a Professional Coach to leave the ice at all times.
• The Professional Coaches have full authority on the ice surface at all times.
• Parents are welcome to watch all of the on-ice sessions. However, we ask that you watch from the stands or the viewing area and NOT down at the boards or in the player's box. By doing this you are insuring more productive sessions for both the skaters and coaches due to less distractions. Please do not converse with your skater(s) from the bleacher area.
• All Kidstate and Canskate Skaters must dress appropriately for their lesson. Skating attire should be worn so that the skater is allowed to move freely and keeps them warm while learning their skills. All JumpStart, Junior, and STARSkate Program skaters will wear skating dresses or skirts, warm-up pants or leggings. Test/Competitive skaters should wear skating dresses or skirts. ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS OR HOODIES ARE TO BE WORN ON THE ICE
BY ANY SKATER! Hair should be held back with soft accessories to avoid head injuries and mitts should be worn. If a skater is not dressed appropriately for his/her class, the Professional Coaches have the right to send the skater off the ice.
• All skaters will refrain from publicly defacing the club on the internet in public forms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
• It is a requirement for one member of the coaching staff to remain at the arena until all skaters have been picked up from the rink. In the event of a late pick-up, a coach will remain with the skater and the skate family will be charged at a rate of $10.00 for each 10 minutes required. An invoice will be sent to the skate family and is to be paid within 15 days.


All sports clubs have a level of volunteer and fundraising commitment required by all members. Our club is no different. We are fortunate to participate in a casino every 3rd year which provides significant funding and affords the club the opportunity to refund the volunteer/fundraising fees to those members that complete their volunteer/fundraising commitment. By registering with the Devon Skating Club you understand that volunteering and fundraising is important and that you will participate to the best of your ability during the season. You also understand that you have an opportunity to earn your volunteer/fundraising
fees back if you complete your commitment before the end of the season.


• ALL registered skaters will be required to provide a post-dated cheque for Volunteer commitments. Info is as follows:
• The volunteering commitment is a minimum 3 hour shift per family, per season.
• The volunteer deposit is $150.00 per family, per season.
• THE CHEQUE FOR $150.00 IS TO BE POSTDATED FOR MARCH 20, 2024. This cheque must be given to a board member on the first day of skating.
• Once commitments have been reconciled, cheques will be destroyed. If you would prefer your cheque to be returned, please contact the Treasurer at BEFORE February 25th, 2024.
• If you do not fulfill your volunteering commitment, your cheque will be deposited after the Yearend Carnival. Cheques may be cashed as early as March 20, 2024.
• If an additional volunteer shift is taken on, please consider this an appreciated donation of your time. We will not be crossing over volunteer and fundraising commitments as we have in past years as this becomes cumbersome to track at our yearend reconciliation.
• Volunteer opportunities will be posted on our website. Please monitor the site and sign up early!

The price for the KidSkate and CanSkate programs are without any fundraising commitments. If you choose to participate in a Fundraising campaign consider this an appreciated donation to the Devon Skating Club.

• A Fundraising commitment will be required for each JumpStart, Junior, and STARSkate skater. There will be multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the skating season and families will have the option of choosing which / how many fundraisers they partake in to fulfill their commitment. There is a $750.00 (75 point) cap on fundraising requirements for immediate families with more than 3 children in skating each season.
• There will be more information regarding the season's fundraisers at the begining of each season.
• The fundraising deposit is $250.00 per season, per skater.
• ONE CHEQUE (per skater) FOR $250.00 IS TO BE POSTDATED FOR MARCH 1, 2024. This cheque must be given to a board member on the first day of skating.
• Once commitments have been reconciled, cheques will be destroyed. If you would prefer your cheque to be returned, please contact the Treasurer at BEFORE February 25th, 2024.
• If you do not fulfill your fundraising commitment, your cheque will be deposited after the final fundraiser is complete. Cheques may be cashed as early as March 1, 2024.
• Sometimes, skating families prefer not to become involved in fundraising commitments. If this is your choice, please let us know via email ( so we can hold the cheques for cashing at the end of the season and refrain from sending you fundraising updates throughout the year.


KIDSKATE / CANSKATE FAMILIES: Parents must be at the arena for their skater(s) entire skate session.

JUMPSTART / JUNIOR / STARSKATE FAMILIES: Although the Devon Skating Club encourages all parents to attend their skater’s lessons, we do realize that it is not always possible to watch each skate session. In the event of an accident, medical emergency, or dispute, the Devon Skating Club requires each skater to have a designated emergency contact that is available to be at the rink within 15 minutes from time of contact. This emergency contact may be a parent / legal
guardian or another adult whom is appointed by the registering parent / legal guardian. This point of contact must be able to stay with the skater until an incident has been resolved, enabling the coach(es) to return to their duties on the ice. The emergency contact info collection will be prompted upon registration for this skating season. If there is to be a change to the designated emergency contact, please notify the coach and registrar at


The DSC Admin Fee is MANDATORY and includes the yearly Skate Canada fee. It is payable once per skating year (Sept – August) for each skater. *THIS FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

The yearend performance fee is used for expenses directly related to the performance, including prizes, flowers, music, costumes and photos.

The yearend performance fee is used for expenses directly related to the performance, including music, costumes, and props.

Payment Policy:
We accept Mastercard, Visa, cheques and e-transfers. Fees are payable in Canadian funds. The full program fee paid by credit must be made at time of registration unless the program specifies pay in installments. Payments by cheque must be received within 2 weeks after registration or prior to
the first scheduled class to guarantee your enrollment. NSF cheques are subject to a $40 charge.

Refund Policy:
Skate Canada Membership fees are non-refundable. Program refunds will not be issued after the third class within a session unless approved by the club's executive after submitting a medical certificate and a written request for refund. A $50 administration fee will be applied to all refunds.

Terms & Conditions:
• The following Terms & Conditions direct all transactions with the Devon Figure Skating Club, doing business as The Devon Skating Club, in Devon, Alberta, Canada. In addition to these general Terms & Conditions, it will be required to accept the policies for each particular program during the registration process.
• All transactions will be completed in Canadian Dollars.
• All NSF cheques will be charged a fee of $40.00.
• A $50 administration fee will be applied to all refunds.
• The Devon Skating Club does not export goods or services.
• All programs will take place at the location indicated in the Program Registration information. Program details can be found on the club website at

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To view Devon Skating Club Bylaws please click HERE