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Skater's Oath

As a Skater in the Devon Skating Club I will:

  • arrive early to ensure that I am ready on time.
  • bring a positive can-do attitude to each class.
  • respect my coach.
  • respect and encourage my fellow team mates.
  • come dressed appropriately for my lesson. No Jeans or hoods.
  • Bring a healthy snack, if needed, which I will be sure to have it in the change room BEFORE my lesson. I will not take food on the ice.
  • come prepared with a water bottle for each lesson. I recognize that pop and juice are not the best choices for an athlete and therefore not acceptable on the ice during practice.
  • not chew gum during my lesson.
  • leave my cell phone (if applicable) in my locker during my lesson.
  • Not leave early unless my parent/ guardian has made prior arrangements with the Coach.
  • NOT interrupt a private lesson unless there is an emergency
  • ask permission from the Coach to leave the ice for any reason.
  • Attend off ice and team building events as scheduled
  • work hard and try my best!