DSC Executive

The Devon Skating Club is run entirely by a volunteer Board Of Directors. As parent volunteers we are committed to the ongoing success of the Club and we hope to work together with our Skate Families to create a fun and safe environment for our skaters. 

 PRESIDENT  ANGELA BENNETT  president@devonskating.com
 VICE-PRESIDENT  SHEL-ANN COMBS  vicepresident@devonskating.com
 TREASURER  DAVID BALE  treasurer@devonskating.com
 REGISTRAR  DANIELLE WATT  registrar@devonskating.com
 SECRETARY  DANIELLE GINIS  secretary@devonskating.com
 COMMUNICATION ASSISTANT (ADMIN INQUIRIES)  JENNIFER KELLER  communicationassistant@devonskating.com
 COACH LIAISON (COACHING INQUIRIES)  ROBYN HOGAN  coachliaison@devonskating.com
 CARNIVAL COORDINATOR  CHRISTY BENOIT  carnivalcoordinator@devonskating.com
TEST CHAIR & SKATE CANADA REP  KIM PHILLIPS  testchair@devonskating.com
ADMIN ASSISTANT NATASHA KUCHIRKA adminassistant@devonskating.com
 EVENT COORDINATOR & FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR VACANT  fundraisingcoordinator@devonskating.com